Sony’s FES E-Paper Watch Now Available

FES E-Paper Watch

FES E-Paper Watch

Smartwatches are popular nowadays but one of Sony’s projects, an E-Paper watch, tries to break from the trend.  The FES E-Paper Watch is crowd-funded project and was created by a Sony subsidiary.

Using E-Paper technology, probably the same used in the Sony Digital Paper, the FES E-Paper Watch is a digital watch but is more battery efficient compared to other similar watches since E-Paper is known to be low on battery consumption.  The FES E-Paper Watch’s band also uses E-Paper display so it has a customizable look that matches the main display.  Customization options include the ability to choose between a white or black face, the number of markers to display and the ability to swap strap designs.

Watch the FES E-Paper Watch in action in this video.

The FES E-Paper Watch is currently available in select Japanese outlets for $240.  Availability in international markets including the Philippines is unknown at this point.