Samsung to Launch Gear Solo Smartwatch with SIM Card

Samsung is rumored to be working on another smartwatch.  Fresh from the release of its Gear Fit and Gear 2 smartwatches, the Korean manufacturer is now said to be working on a smartwatch called Gear Solo.  This one is different as it will have a SIM card slot, allowing for cellular capability.

Samsung Gear Fit
Samsung should base the design of the Gear Solo on the Gear Fit.

With the Samsung Gear Solo, calls can possibly be made separately from a smartphone.  Freeing a smartwatch from dependence on a smartphone is a nice concept, although its usefulness is questionable at this point.  A cellular-connected smartwatch will be limited in functions and features, and consumers would most likely not part with their smartphones.  But then again, if there’s one company that can make such a concept successful, it’s Samsung.  After all, we also did not believe in huge phones when the first Galaxy Note came out.

If Samsung will indeed launch the Gear Solo, it will probably run on Tizen, not Google’s Android Wear platform.  But we’ll soon know.



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