Motorola 360 Sport Goes on Sale, Priced at $299

Among the smartwatches that have flooded the market, Motorola’s products are among the most praised.  The former Google company has made Android smartwatches that are not only appealing visually but are also great to use.  The popular Motorola 360 now has a “Sport” variant called, well, the Motorola 360 Sport.


Announced in September, the Motorola 360 Sport has a great-looking design and boasts of stand-alone usability, which simply means that there will be uses for the smartwatch away from a phone.  The Motorola 360 Sport will be ideal for runners and those who love outdoor sports.  It has built-in GPS, heart rate monitoring, a music player and 4GB of internal storage.  There are other fitness apps that would prove useful to the health-conscious lot.

The Motorola 360 Sport will be available starting December 18 in the UK and France and in the US on January next year.  No word has been said on the availability of the Motorola 360 Sport in the Philippines.

As to pricing, the Motorola 360 Sport retails for $299, or about Php14,000 when directly converted.

Source: Motorola Blog