LG G Watch to Run on Android Wear OS

Shortly after Google announced the Android Wear platform for wearables, LG unveiled its smartwatch called the LG G Watch.   It’s not surprising that LG is one of the first to unveil an Android Wear device as we all know that it is in close collaboration with Google on everything Android.  It is, after all, the maker of the Nexus 4 and the Nexus 5 handsets.

The LG G Watch has not been detailed yet but a photo has already been released.


This is the LG G Watch that will run Google’s Android Wear.

The LG G Watch is a squarish device, something closer to the Pebble in shape and appearance than the round smartwatch Google showed in its Android Wear video.

The specs and features of the LG G Watch have not been revealed yet but we are bound to get them soon.  LG is reportedly planning on releasing the G watch in the next quarter.   The good news is that LG will be selling the G Watch at an affordable price.