Google Smartwatch Specs Leaked

Google is one of the most innovative companies.  There’s no question to this claim. In the wearable tech area, it pioneered the Google Glass idea and suddenly other companies are following Google’s footsteps.

As to smartwatches, however, it has been late to join the fray but a recent official statement, we came to know that Google is working on a version of Android designed for smartwatches.  The OS will possibly be unveiled at Google I/O and most likely, a hardware will be revealed running the OS.


An artist render of the Google Smartwatch

Rumors say that Google is working with LG in developing its first smartwatch.  And more recent leaks have revealed details of the hardware.  @evleaks says that the Google smartwatch will come with a 1.65-inch display with a 280 x 280 pixel screen resolution, about the same size Samsung’s Gear 2 smartwatch.  The Google smartwatch will also pack a 512MB memory and 4 GB of internal storage.

You may be wondering what Google will name the smartwatch.  Most likely, it will carry the Nexus name.

Here’s a 3D render concept of the Google smartwatch.