Fossil Joins the Smartwatch Trend with the Q Founder

If you haven’t already noticed, smartwatches are the in gadget nowadays.  With smartphones reaching the hands of more and more people, wearable tech like the ones packed into smartwatches is the next natural evolution in mobile devices.  Personally, I do not think the smartwatch has achieved that status of being a truly useful device.  In time, it probably will.  But currently, a smartwatch is nothing more than a notification device.  However, the potential is there.  That is why even traditional watch brands are joining the smartwatch revolution.  Tag Heuer recently launched the Connected smartwatch.  Now, it’s American watch brand Fossil that has released a smartwatch.

Fossil recently unveiled the Q Founder smartwatch, a traditional-looking smartwatch with a steel band, but is a smartwatch through and through.  The announcement followed the acquisition by Fossil of a company called Misfit.

The Fossil Q Founder up close

The Fossil Q Founder up close

The Fossil Q Founder features a 46mm steel case and runs Android Wear, the popular OS of choice by brands not named Apple.  It runs on an Intel Atom processor and has an internal storage of 4GB.  Powering the watch is a 400mAh battery.  The Fossil Q Founder has IP67 rating, which means that it is water and dust resistant.

The Fossil Q Founder is priced at US$295.  There’s no word on its availability in the Philippines.

Source: FOSSIL