Fitbit Launches the Ionic Smartwatch, Priced at $299


Fitbit has been around for a while and up until today, it’s known to offer only health bands and fitness trackers.  Now, it has a true smartwatch offering in the Fitbit Ionic, a competitor to the flashy Apple Watch.  It is also competing with a host of Android Wear smartwatches in the market which are mostly advanced in features, not to mention highly fashionable.  The Fitbit Ionic appears to be a good offering, though and if your main purpose for getting a smartwatch is its fitness tracking abilities, Fitbit has historically been good in this regard.

Fitbit Ionic
Fitbit Ionic

In essence, the Fitbit Iconic is a health and fitness tracker with smartwatch features.  It has a retail price of $299, about Php15,000 in Philippine peso.  In comparison, the Apple Watch Series 2 starts at $369, or about Php 18,500 in Philippine peso.  The Fitbit Iconic is not cheap therefore but it’s still cheaper compared to the Apple Watch.  Android Wear products, on the other hand, have varied pricing so you can find cheaper alternatives but mostly, they are expensive.

Here is an introduction video for the Fitbit Ionic.

For features, the Fitbit Ionic has built-in GPS for outdoor fitness tracking, water resistance up to 50 meters for swim tracking, an all-day heart rate sensor, an NFC chip for contactless payments and wi-fi connectivity.  The Ionic has up to 4+ day battery life with sleep tracking.  It also features a SpO2 that measures blood oxygen levels.

The Fitbit Ionic packs a 2.5GB internal storage which can be used for syncing songs for offline playback. It has a scratch-proof Corning Gorilla Glass 3 display with brightness up to 1000 nits.  The Fitbit Ionic uses an app platform with apps like Accuweather and Flipboard, with more apps coming.

The Fitbit Ionic will be available in October but can be pre-ordered now online.


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