BLOCKS Modular SmartWatch on Kickstarter

The concept of a modular device isn’t new. Modular means the parts can be interchanged in case you need some parts improved or in case you need to swap functionalities. This concept was first popularized in phones through Google’s Project Ara. Now, it is being adopted on smartwatches through a company called BLOCKS.

BLOCKS Modular Smartwatch

BLOCKS Modular SmartWatch

BLOCKS has a current Kickstarter campaign which intends to raise funds in order to get the concept going. With BLOCKS smartwatch, users can individualize the parts and in the process, the experience. The replaceable parts in the BLOCKS smartwatch are the band links. There are different kinds of band links that equate to different functions or features. The links can add any feature like additional battery, a GPS module, a fingerprint sensor and a host of others.

Different possible modules on the BLOCKS smartwatch

Different possible modules on the BLOCKS SmartWatch

The Kickstarter campaign has already exceeded the target so it’s just a matter of time before BLOCKS modular smartwatches hit the market.

Watch the video below to learn more about the BLOCKS smartwatch.

Source: Kickstarter