Apple Watch Series 3 With LTE Announced

Apple Watch Series 3

Apple announced a new Apple Watch at the same event where the iPhone X was unveiled.  The arrival of a new Apple Watch was one of the leaked information heading to the announcement so it was no surprise that this was announced at all.

The Apple Watch Series 3, as it is officially called, was unveiled and what was clear was that Apple did not change the design of the watch so much.  In fact, it still has the same design but most of the key changes are internal.   Looks-wise, the new Apple Watch is similar to the existing version.  The good thing about this is that all accessories will still be compatible with the new watch.

The Series 3 version has the same size as the Series 2 version even with cellular and LTE connectivity added but the back crystal is extended 0.25 mm, which is quite a negligible change.  Just like the Series 2 model, the Apple Watch Series 3 has GPS and is water resistant.  Inside the Series 3 is a new dual-core processor with 70 percent better performance, as well as a new W2 chip that improves Bluetooth and wireless connectivity and power efficiency.

The key feature of the Apple Watch Series 3 is cellular support, LTE support to be exact.  The cellular antenna is the display itself which is a pleasantly surprising detail.   The watch has an electronic SIM card inside for connectivity.  Though some Android Wear watches like the Samsung Gear3 and the LG Watch Urbane were the first ones to add LTE support to smart watches, it still interesting to see how Apple does it and if it does it well.  After all, Apple is known to be late in adopting features but ends up doing it better.

Apple Watch Series 3
Apple Watch Series 3 LTE

The wireless cellular LTE connectivity in the Series 3 Apple Watch is provided by a built-in chip, so it means that the Apple Watch will not depend on an iPhone for cellular connection.  Owners can leave their phones at home, leave with the Apple Watch and still be able to make calls, receive messages and connect to the internet.  This makes this version of the Apple Watch closer to being an independent device. What’s interesting is that the Apple Watch will use a separate connection when away from the phone, but it will still use the same phone number.  This means that you still get messages and receive calls on the same number.  As to how this will be done in the Philippines, only Apple knows at this point.  This must need some collaboration with the local telcos in order to work.

As to pricing, the Apple Watch Series 3 Cellular will retail for $399.  The version without cellular connectivity, on the other hand, will retail for $329.  Pre-orders in the US begin on September 15, and the actual stuff will ship on September 22.

For Philippine pricing availability, nothing definite has been announced yet.


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