Smart Bro Big Bytes Plan 799:  Get 4.5GB Data with Free 4G Pocket Wi-Fi Router

Smart Communications is currently offering an internet data plan that’s quite interesting.  Called the Smart Bro Big Bytes Plan 799, this latest data package has something mobile users will surely be interested in – a free 4G Pocket Wi-Fi Router.  Data plans usually offer free data but you normally pay for the pocket wi-fi device.  This time, however, Smart is making it easier for users to sign up for a Big Byte plan.


Smart Bro Big Bytes Plan 799 comes with 4.5GB worth of data per month and on top of this, you get 1.1GB data on iFlix, Fox International and Spinnr.  This data plan requires a 12-month subscription.

The 4G Pocket Wi-fi device that comes with Smart Bro Big Bytes Plan 799 allows up to 10 connections and has a maximum internet speed of 12Mbps.  We all know, however, that 12mbs is the exception rather than the rule.  Expect a slower speed therefore.

Other configurations of the Smart Bro Big Bytes Plan are shown below.  If you want to know more, check out the source link.Smart-Bro-Big-Bytes-Plans

Source: Smart Bro BigBytes