PLDT Home Fibr 1Gbps Plan Announced

Internet speed has always been a hot topic in this side of the world. While South Korea and other Asian countries are experiencing gigabyte-per-second speeds on any normal day, Filipinos have to contend with megabyte-per-second speeds that most of the time actually fall to kilobyte-per-second.  Ultra fast internet speeds, especially on mobile devices, are still a dream for users in the Philippines.  Things are thankfully improving and that starts with PLDT’s Home Fibr subscription plans.

The latest great news for internet users in the Philippines is the PLDT Home Fibr 1-Gigabit per second (1Gbps) Plan which promises speeds of up to 1Gbps, something that anyone will find hard to fathom, at least if you live in the Philippines where even the promised 2Mbps speed is a myth.  At 1Gbps speeds, you can download a movie in seconds and can smoothly stream videos online.  This news is a huge deal in other words.

PLDT Home Fibr runs on fiber-optic technology and the 1Gbps speed can be enjoyed symmetrically, which means both upload and download speeds will be at 1Gbps.


A 1Gbps or 1 gigabit speed is equivalent to 125 megabytes per second.  Note that gigabit (Gb) and gigabyte (GB) are different, with gigabit being eight times smaller than a gigabyte.  However, 1Gbps or 125 megabytes per second is still super fast.

With a PLDT Home Fibr subscription, access to iflix, Fox International Channels, and content on Spinnr free. PLDT HOME Fibr also provides access to over 100 Cignal Digital TV channels.

The 1Gbps plan is yet to be tested and not yer commercially available. For now, you can check other PLDT Home Fibr plans that start at P1,899 but is only available in about 1,500 villages nationwide and included in this list are Valle Verde 1-6, Forbes Park, Dasmarinas Village and Ayala Alabang Village. For a complete list of villages where PLDT Home Fibr is available go here.

The PLDT Home Fibr 1Gbps plan could cost an arm and a leg once they become ready for public consumption. A 200Mbps plan now costs Php20,000 a month so just imagine the priced for a plan that offers 1Gbps speed.


  • Yves Thompson Obeal

    Actually, Gbps means Gigabits per second, which means that 1 Gbps is equivalent to 125 MBps. Small b’s refer to bits while big ones refer to bytes. So let’s conclude that this is another trick by those businessmen for people with little knowledge in the internet. It really made me curious though.., 200 Mbps plan costs 20,000 pesos so imagine how much will this one cost? Can’t believe it’s offered in homes, how is this possible? They didn’t even give the price. Suck up corruption and trickery! You’ve been ruining too many lives!