Globe Telecom’s Samsung Galaxy S5 Subscription Plans

Globe Telecom already released its subscription plans for the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S5.  Globe actually opened up its pre-order page for the Samsung Android flagship.  The prepaid price is quite expensive at Php34,990 so it’s probably a good idea to get the phone under a subscription plan.


Globe Platinum subscribers have priority of getting the Galaxy S5 but the post-paid plans have been laid out.  The Samsung Galaxy S5 16GB will be available under a 24-month contract with the following details:

  • Php16,800 cash-out on MySuperPlan 999 (with 600 Gadget PV)
  • Php12,000 cash-out on MySuperPlan 1299 (with 800 Gadget PV)
  • Php7,200 cash-out on MySuperPlan 1799 (with 1,100 Gadget PV)
  • Free on MySuperPlan 2499 (with 1,526 Gadget PV)
  • Free on MySuperPlan 3799 (with 1,526 Gadget PV)

Globe is also offering the Samsung Galaxy S5 with the Galaxy Gear for free under Plan 5K or you can get it under Plan 3799 with Php2,800 cash-out.  The Samsung Galaxy S5 will be available in April 11 in black and white colors.