Sony Digital Paper is a 13-inch Tablet and Stylus Combo

If you must need a replacement for those stacks of paper you waste in your office, you need to check out the Sony Digital Paper.  As the name implies, the Digital Paper is a paper replacement device.  In the current tablet-crowded world, however, this contraption could easily be mistaken for a full blown tablet.  But it’s not a tablet, not in the conventional sense at least.


Sony Digital Paper is a 13.3-inch device with a stylus.  That’s the essence of the device.  Think of an overized tablet but instead of usually running apps, games or what have you, the device is used in office settings as a paper replacement.  You read, write and edit documents on the Sony Digital Paper the same way you do on a paper pad.

sony-digital-paper Indeed, Sony markets this device as a document storage, editor and reader.  To quote Sony’s descriptionof the Digital Paper:

Digital Paper provides an essential service for those in the paper-intensive environments of law, government, education, and entertainment, as well as other fields. With Digital Paper, attorneys can read and annotate contracts, white papers, and legislation, while sharing their notes with clients and colleagues and storing their files for archiving. Film and video producers can annotate scripts and share revisions. Educators can review scholarly articles and papers. Professionals in many fields have a simple, intuitive work experience offering portability and flexibility, coupled with the critical benefit of wireless access to content repositories.

So there.  If you’re looking for an oversized tablet, this is not for you.  The pricing tells you it’s not an ordinary tablet.  Sony is offering the Digital Tablet for a price of $1,100.  That’s the price of a high end laptop.  This makes us think that the Digital Tablet has functions and features an ordinary tablet does not have.  If you want to know more about the Sony Digital Paper, hit the source link below.