Acer Announces Iconia B1-720 and Iconia A1-830 Tablets at CES 2014

Android tablets just keep on getting cheaper and cheaper, but not necessarily better.  Acer has two new Android tablets which it announced ahead of the official CES showcase.   Acer announced the Iconia B1-720 and Iconia A1-830, both cheap tablets that feature 7-inch and 7.9-inch displays, respectively.

Acer Iconia A1-720

The Acer Iconia B1-720 is priced at only $130.  For this amount you get a 1.3GHz dual-core processor paired with 1GB of RAM and promises up to five hours of battery life.

Acer Iconia A1-830

The Acer Iconia A1-830 is the more interesting of the two.  As already mentioned, it packs a 7.9-inch IPS display and actually reminds me of the iPad mini.  And just like Apple’s small tablet, the Acer Iconia A1-830 has a 4:3 aspect ratio and also shows a thinner bezel on the sides.   The Iconia A1-830 has an aluminum back and runs Android Jelly Bean 4.2.1.   Performance-wise, the Iconia A1-830 is not expected to be too fast as only it packs an Atom processor paired with 1GB of RAM.  But for the price of $149, the Iconia A1-830 should prove to be a good buy.   The Acer Iconia A1-830 offers 16GB of internal storage (expandable to 32GB via micro-SD card) and up to seven hours of battery life.



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