E-Paper Sneakers Anyone?


Sneakers are hot at the moment. Nike, Adidas and even New Balance are all experiencing robust sales because of rabid sneaker fans.  With interest in sneakers sky-high, some designers are trying to create some of the most interesting stuff.  The latest to come out are are e-paper sneakers.

ShiftWear has designed sneakers that use e-paper technology to make customizable kicks.  Based on the design shown so far, the e-paper part can be seen on the sides.  The e-paper panels act as display which changes designs and patterns depending on the owner’s mood.  The design can be static or it can be animated.  The designs can be changed through a mobile app so it will be easy to quickly change the look of the sneakers.


The product is still an idea at this point but it is already being funded on Indiegogo.  A pledge of $150 will get you the low-cut ShiftWear L1s model.  Other models available are the M1 and H1.