Nike Mag 2015 with Power Laces Revealed

Nike Mag with Power Laces

Nike Mag 2015 with Power Laces

Back to the Future is popular for many things.  One of those is the futuristic shoe featured in Back to the Future II that at the time of the movie’s release had no actual equivalent in reality.  Nike made sure that those shoes are made and in 2011, the first Nike Mag was released.  However, although the design was already as cool as the movie where it was featured, it had no “power laces” or a self-lacing mechanism.  This year, Nike released a self-lacing Nike Mag.  The timing of the release could never be more perfect as it was unveiled on Back to the Future Day.  Nike refers to the self-lacing technology used in the shoes as “power laces”.  It uses a responsive system that senses the wearer’s motion and maximizes support.


The Nike Mag 2015 shoes from another angle.

The self-lacing Nike Mag will be released in 2016 via auction and proceeds from sales will reportedly go to the Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s Research.

Source: Nike