WATCH: Funny H&M Commercial with David Beckham and Kevin Hart


H&M Ad by David Beckham

David Beckham is one of the endorsers of the popular H&M clothing brand and is in fact into his second campaign for the Swedish company.  David Beckham has a menswear line with H&M called Modern Essentials.  The ad for the 2015 collection comes with a promo film and it stars David Beckham himself and the funny American comedian Kevin Hart.  The video shows Kevin Hart following every move of David Beckham in an effort to study him and eventually play as him in a film.

Take a look at the H&M campaign film below that lasts 6 minutes and 50 seconds. It’s quite funny and I had a great time watching it.  Kevin Hart is simply perfect for this ad campaign.

The H&M Modern Essentials collection is available in the Philippines and are actually quite affordable.  According to the H&M website, the David Beckham set is a “selection of key pieces and stylish must-haves for the ultimate men’s wardrobe”.  It features a collection features blazers, jackets, coats, shoes, shirt and all other essential pieces.

Follow the source link below to see H&M’s Modern Essentials collection by David Beckham.

Source: H&M Philippines