SanDisk Ultra 128GB microSD card Announced

The popularity of smartphones and tablets has increased the need for storage devices.  With mobile devices getting more powerful, everyone is suddenly a photographer or a videographer, and more media is also available to be stored on our devices.   It used to be that a 4GB microSD card was more than enough for extra mobile storage but now even 32GB is no longer enough.

Bigger storage capacities will be available in the future but for now, the biggest in the market is the just announced 128GB SanDisk Ultra microSD card.  The microSDXC card is now available for purchase and should make selfie addicts happy.  A 128GB microSD card could store a lot of media, even up to 24 hours worth of HD videos.

SanDisk 28GB microSD card
The SanDisk 28GB microSD card

Just how did SanDisk cram 128GB worth of storage in a tiny device, you ask?  SanDisk reportedly used custom manufacturing to stack 16 memory dies within each card.  But it’s no longer important to mere mortals like us.  What is important is there is already a product that could soon become a staple for mobile device users.  The proboem for current devices is that they only support up to 64GB of external storage and in fact, most devices can only handle 32GB.

Pricing is the key here and for now, let’s expect the 128GB Sandisk microSD card to be a bit on the expensive side.  Don’t worry though as it should only become cheaper in no time.


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