Sandisk Ultra Plus 400GB microSD Card Unveiled

400GB Sandisk Ultra Plus microSD Card

Advances in storage technology has made it possible for Sandisk to create a microSD card with 400GB capacity.  This used to be an impossible task but apparently not with today’s technology on portable storage devices.  The 400GB capacity of the SanDisk Ultra microSDXC UHS-I card, as it is officially named, is said to be the biggest to date.  The previous record was held by Samsung with its 256GB microSD card.  Sandisk, now owned by Western Digital, had a 200GB microSD card two years ago but with the current demands for high capacity memory cards, someone had to make something as amazing as this.

For features, the 400GB Sandisk Ultra Plus microSD card offers a transfer speed of 100MB, fast enough for current needs.  Sandisk also claims that this 400GB microSD card meets the A1 App Performance Class specification which lets it load apps faster.

Now, on to the more important detail – the price.  Sandisk is selling the 400GB Ultra Plus microSD card for US$250.  That’s about P12,500 in Philippine peso.  It’s expensive, yes, but if you are after convenience or needs huge storage on the go, this could be a worthy buy.

As to availability, Sansisk has not announced the details yet.  We should however expect that it will be available this year, including the Philippines.


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