Wall of Sound 2.0 is the Biggest iPhone Speaker Dock

What’s the biggest iPhone dock you have seen?  I bet whatever you saw is not the biggest. Because frankly, the biggest is the Wall of Sound 2.0 or WOS 2.0, but I could be wrong.  The Wall of Sound 2.0 is a speaker the size of a wall, literally.  It’s made by a Swedish company called ‘The Brothers of Stockholm’.  There was a first speaker called Wall of Sound (WOS) released in 2009.

The Wall of Sound 2.0 is the biggest iPhone dock in the world. Probably.

The Wall of Sound 2.0 is touted as the most powerful iPhone speaker, and with its size, it could very well be.  The entire system contains 44 speakers with individual chambers and made better by two powerful sub-woofers and tube amplifier.  It’s not light mind you as it weighs a whopping 178 kilos and measures 1000 x 1700 x 400 mm.


If you are curious as to how it operates, it has Bluetooth and a dedicated iOS app. The Wall of Sound 2.0 is not cheap.  It is priced at $6,900.


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