This Oscars Selfie by Ellen DeGeneres Broke Twitter Records

Everyone knows it’s the age of the selfie.  As if anyone needs to be reminded.   The Oscar Awards 2014 is a testament to how far selfies have been embedded in our culture, with one selfie defining the awards show.

Ellen DeGeneres hosted this year’s Oscars and as active user of social media, she tweeted a selfie shot that has proven to be more popular than an Obama selfie and one involving the Pope himself.  The selfie shot included famous actors Meryl Streep, Bradley Cooper, Jennifer Lawrence, among others.  And if you must know, the shot was taken on a Samsung phone, a Galaxy S5 for that matter.  Here is that Ellen DeGeneres selfie.


This is the Oscars selfie that broke twitter records.

The selfie was posted on the @TheEllenShow Twitter account and being taken while the show was ongoing, it was retweeted more than 2.5 million times within hours and broke the record in the process.