Facebook Search Now Includes Public Posts and Conversations in its Results

For quite a while, Facebook’s search feature was limited to people and pages.  It was not a true search feature the way Google or Bing scours the internet for websites and content related to a search topic.  Facebook was always rumored to be launching a search feature itself, and with Google and Microsoft earning so much on search, it was only a matter of time before Facebook acted on its own plans of launching a search feature on the social media site.


Now, Facebook finally improved on search.  The new Facebook search is not a Google-type search that gets results from all over the internet.  It’s a search within Facebook, which actually makes sense.  A search engine service like Google would only make Facebook look like an inferior competitor, but a search within Facebook is one that naturally comes from a social media service.  If Facebook will eventually launch a standalone search, an improved Facebook search is a good start.

With the latest update on Facebook search, users can now get results for public posts, posts from friends and public conversations.  The new Facebook search now offers search for topics, conversations and relevant linked articles.  It also has an improved search suggestions feature.

With Philippines being one of the biggest users of Facebook, the new search is definitely a welcome improvement.

Source: Facebook Newsroom