Anne Curtis Reaches 6 Million Followers on Twitter

Anne Curtis has long been the queen of Twitterverse, leading the microblogging site in terms of number of followers.  She is arguably one of the hottest actresses in the Philippine showbiz scene, netting product endorsements left and right.   Her clean and fun image has something to do with her increasing popularity, and it doesn’t hurt that she has an affable personality.


On Twittter, Anne Curtis leads everyone else and her lead over Angel Locsin, the next celebrity on the most-followed list, seems to only grow by the day.  Anne Curtis adds more than a million followers in a year, and it wasn’t too long ago when she breached 3 million followers.  Her current 6 million followers is an amazing feat and such volume is comparable to what Hollywood celebrities have.

Anne Curtis Smith

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Anne Curtis’s Twitter presence is only expected to grow as the platform becomes more popular and as the user base in the Philippines grows.  The still-single actress is young and she seems to have no plans of quitting showbiz anytime soon.   My guess is that she will keep her lead through 2015 and beyond.

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