Review: TRENDNET N300 Wi-Fi Range Extender

The Trendnet N300 High Power Easy-N-Range Extender, as the name implies, is a range extender.  The product name is a handful, which is ironic since the device is actually simple and easy to use.  Range extenders are helpful to those who need to extend the coverage of their wi-fi routers at home.

I only came to discover the Trendnet N300 through the recommendation of a sales person who was helpful enough to suggest ways on how to solve my wi-fi problem at home.  I live in a two-storey house and the wi-fi router is located downstairs, making it almost impossible to get signal at the second floor.  There are actually several solutions to this typical problem but most are complicated to execute.  A range extender is simple and cheaper in comparison.


The Trendnet N300 is surprisingly cheap. It is priced at Php1,850, something that surprised me considering the satisfaction it gave me after I successfully set it up at home.  The Trendnet N300 is a small boxy device, about the size of a laptop charger.  You’ll actually mistake it for a charger since the charging port is prominent on the device.  The other things you can see on the device are the Ethernet port, power switch and the reset button.  The Trendnet N300 is light and feels sturdy enough for daily use but the white finish could accumulate dirt over time.



The Trendnet N300 High Power Easy-N-Range Extender boasts of high power radios that help eliminate dead spots and has advanced wireless encryption that protect data.


Setting up the The Trendnet N300 range extender is surprisingly easy.  There are two ways to do this.  Once is through WPS which stands for Wi-Fi Protected Setup.  It’s simply a wireless networking standard that helps routers and wireless devices connect.  Setting up through WPS only requires the WPS button on the wi-fi router turned on, after which you turn on the WPS button on the range extender.  The devices will work their magic and you’ll know you’ve done it properly when you see that the green LED indicator on the range extender has stopped blinking and turns permanently on.

If you want to set it up through the browser, you need to first plug the range extender to an outlet and connect to the wi-fi signal emitted by the extender.  You then key in an IP address found on the manual, connect to the wi-fi router and type in the password.  It then pairs with the router and you’ll just notice that the wi-fi signal from your router increases in range.


In terms of performance, the Trendnet N300 High Power Easy-N-Range Extender does the job perfectly.  I have tried plugging the device from several places in the house just to check if it improves the signal of the wi-fi router and I was amazed at how strong the signal has become.  I found the perfect spot for the range extender, which is somewhere upstairs.  The signal I am receiving when I’m upstairs come from the Trendnet N300 and I do not notice any reduction or weakening.

Like I said earlier, there are many solutions to the typical wi-fi problem at households but the use of a range extender gave me the result I wanted.  There are other brands out there but the Trendnet N300 has proven to do the trick for me.


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