Secrid Slimwallet Review

secrid-slimwallet-011My ever growing number of cards prompted me to look for a wallet that can conveniently hold them. I am one of those persons who carry 7-10 cards in a wallet, together with bills of cash and a few receipts from time to time. Needless to say, it is highly inconvenient for me to carry all my cards.

My search has brought me to a store called Alter Ego in Shangri-La Mall and the series of wallets on display caught my attention. One of the wallets on display was popping cards in and out to showcase its card dispensing mechanism. The brand of the wallet is called Secrid, which could mean something in Netherlands where it came from, or could be a play on the word sacred. Whatever the story behind the name, the wallet looked good enough and seemed to be able to serve my needs, so I purchased one. Was it the right decision? This review will tell you if the Secrid Slimwallet is worth your cash. Or card (pun intended).

Design and Features

The Secrid Slimwallet is one of three basic designs to choose from. The basic one is called a Secrid Card Protector which is just an aluminum housing where the cards are held. The next one is the Slimwallet which is the subject of this review, and the third one is the Secrid Miniwallet which is basically the Slimwallet but with a press stud closure. I chose the Slimwallet since it is housed in a leather enclosure and is slimmer than the Miniwallet since it does away with the press stud closure.  As to the type and color of the leather enclosure, there are several choices.  I went for the recycled stone finish as I like its gray color and its texture.

The selling point of the Secrid Slimwallet is the card protector casing made of aluminum that can carry around 4-6 cards. It is where the cards of held and it’s thick and sturdy, yet it is light enough. You pop the cards through a spring-loaded mechanism by flipping a lever at the bottom, revealing the row of cards in intervals, letting you scan and select your cards easily without taking them out. The aluminum card protector prevents unauthorized RFID/NFC scanning, an added feature that is important nowadays considering the many ways crooks can steal data from your cards.
secrid-slimwallet-009The aluminum card protector is then enclosed in a nice leather material with pockets on either side. These pockets can hold additional cards, but since they will be out of the card protector, they will have no RFID/NFC scanning protection. Right behind the aluminum card holder is a cashfold made of thin but hard plastic for storing bills.


The Secrid Slimwallet is a nifty gadget. As a card holder, it works as advertised and the spring-loaded mechanism is a joy to use. You just pull the lever with enough pressure and the cards move out instantly, arranged in a neat stack revealing just enough of each card to be easily recognized. The way the cards are held encourages confidence. They are held tightly in place and do not budge even if you shake the wallet. This is true even if there’s only one card left in the holder.

Secrid Slimwallet

The card is supposed to hold 4-6 cards but this will depend on the thickness of your card. For the standard credit card issued in the Philippines, the card holder will only be able to accommodate 4. This is quite a disappointment since I was expecting to put as many cards as possible on this wallet. However, if you carry about 4 credit cards at a time, this particular model of the Secrid wallet should be sufficient.
If you intend to assign the Secrid Slimwallet as your daily wallet, you might find it insufficient. It can only hold so much bills as the entire enclosure is not meant to accommodate too much cash. The cashfold is also a disappointment since its size is not ideal for Philippine currency. Being designed in Netherlands, the Secrid Slimwallet is meant to accommodate European bills which are of different size than our bills.


The ultimate value of the Secrid Slimwallet will depend on the needs of the user.  Priced at Php 3,750, the Slimwallet is certainly not that cheap.  However, it has several commendable features like easy card access and storage though a spring-loaded mechanism, RFID/NFC scanning protection and overall slimness. On the other hand, it can feel limited if you intend to use it as your daily wallet, and its compartments are not designed for Philippine bills.  From my experience using the Slimwallet, however, I can say that the Secrid Slimwallet is worth its price.


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