Review: Logitech M105 Corded Optical Mouse

I was looking for a dependable mouse when I fortunately came across the Logitech M105.  This mouse is not a gaming mouse by any means and it’s not top of the line either.  It’s actually one of the cheaper ones, retailing for only Php360.   The Logitech M105 is a wired or corded mouse and comes in black, white, red and blue colors.  It has an understated design, a bit rounded and is actually a tad smaller compared to the standard mouse.



I have already tried several mice and most of the time, I end up being frustrated or disappointed.  The mouse is either too uncomfortable to hold, or too imprecise or even if they are any of these, the next issue becomes build quality.  I am only a few days into my purchase of the Logitech M105 and so far, this mouse has proven to be a good buy.  I wasn’t expecting too much from this mouse considering the price but I got what I was looking for with the Logitech M105.  It has precise tracking, it’s super comfortable to use and it feels sturdy under the hand.  To me these are all that matters in a mouse.



The only slight criticism I have about this mouse is that the scroll wheel is too smooth for my liking.  But others will have this as a plus in their books. It’s just that my previous mouse wasn’t this smooth-scrolling and I got used with that.  Maybe in time I’ll also get used to the smooth scroll wheel of the M105.


If you’re looking for a gaming mouse, or a wireless mouse, or an overly designed mouse, look elsewhere.  But if you’re looking for the basic corded mouse that does the job and stays comfortable under your palm, try the Logitech M105.


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