Coloud No. 16 Headphones Review

It has been a while since I posted a review on this blog.  Work has taken most of my time the past months but I intend to be active on blogging again.  Featured on this post is the Coloud No. 16 headphones, a set of on-ear headphones that is on the low end of the price spectrum, yet, is good enough even for the audiophiles.

We normally experience good audio performance from expensive headphones but the Coloud No. 16 is one of those headphones that offer bang-for-buck features.  From the first Coloud product I reviewed years back, I already was impressed by this brand.  My opinion has not changed with the Coloud No. 16 headphones.


Coloud headphones have been known for its upbeat designs.  It is not afraid to use bright colors and on this particular headphones, Coloud is still being Coloud.  The particular color I chose is mostly a subdued blue with greenish hue but it has a bright green accent.

Coloud No. 16
Coloud No. 16 Headphones

On the head, the Coloud No. 16 is ergonomic.  It fits the head well and it provides overall comfort for the user.  The cans are sized just enough to cover your ears but they are not big enough to enclose them.  If you are looking for something with big cans, the Coloud No. 16 is not for you.  For me, however, the size of the cans is sufficient and the good thing about the Coloud No. 16 is that even if the edges of the cans are positions on the ears, they are not uncomfortable.

The cans of the Coloud No. 16 are enclosed in hard plastic and should last long under normal use. The band, on the other hand, is wrapped in meshed cloth on top and soft padded leather underneath.  The band flexes easily but is also sturdy enough as it reverts to its original position after use.  When used, the Coloud is soft to the ears, thanks to the soft padding on the inner side of the cans.  What comes in contact with your ears is some leather padding that is of soft quality.

Coloud No. 16

In terms of portability, the Coloud No. 16 is quite portable for an on-ear headphones.  Although not obvious at first glance, the cans can actually be folded inwards.  It has foldable hinges with snap function that puts the cans firmly in place when in use.   The overall length of the band can be adjusted sliding the cans up or down.

As to the cable on the Coloud No. 16, it is not unpluggable from the cans unlike some models from Urbanears.  An unpluggable cable would have made the Coloud No. 16 headphones better for portability but the absence of this feature is not a deal breaker.  The cable is flat and I like it as it is better for storage purposes and it does not tangle easily.  The cable has a mic and remote, making the Coloud No. 16 perfect even for use with mobile phones.

Sound Quality

Sound quality is where the Coloud No. 16 really excels.  For its price range, I was not expecting anything superb.   I would have been happy with an okay-sounding headphones.  The Coloud however exceeded my expectations.  I now use these headphones mostly on games on my iPad as they make the gaming experience really great.  The level of excitement is elevated when I use these headphones as they emphasize the sound details, which actually keep you more immersed in the game.

Of course, for music purposes, the Coloud is still really good.  It has a great balance on lows, mids ad highs and the details are good enough.  The sound is crisp, yet it is also able to highlight the lows when the music requires it to.  If you’re one whose taste in music leans towards the bass-heavy, you may find the Coloud No. 16 a pleasant set of cans to use.  it’s also no slouch when it comes pop and rock.  The Coloud No. 16 has really powerful bass.  However, this can also be a negative thing.  On some songs, I found the bass to be too powerful, even overpowering the mids.  Sound stage is not perfect but is acceptable.


The Coloud No. 16 is definitely worth your money.  If you are looking for a good-sounding set of on-ear headphones that will not break the bank, you should put this one on your list.  The Coloud No. 16 is priced at Php 1,950, yet it almost performs like an expensive set of headphones.  It has ergonomic design, it looks good, it has useful features and more importantly, it sounds good.

Score: 4.4


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