Beyerdynamic Byron Wired In-Ear Headphones Review

beyerdynamic-byron-012If you haven’t heard of Beyerdynamic before, it’s not your fault.  The brand has had a low profile, at least in the Philippines, and the brand recognition is probably just concentrated on audiophiles.  The fact is, Beyerdynamic has been around for a while but its products are not all mainstream, which also probably explains the relative anonymity of the brand.  As a short introduction, Beyerdynamic is a German audio equipment manufacturer and its products range from headphones to microphones, wireless audio systems and conference systems.  Beyerdynamic is known for its premium and high-end earphones and headphones, which could be another reason the brand has not been exposed to a wider audience.

A few of its products, however, cater to the budget-conscious, like the Byron Wired in-ear headphones.  At the price of only Php 3,400, the Byron is rather affordable and should appeal to a wider demographic.  There is a wireless version that’s more expensive but for the greater number of music enthusiasts, or even just the casual music fan, the wired version of the Byron is a good choice, as will be explained in this review.

Design and Features

The design of the Beyrdynamic Byron is not flashy or overly detailed.  If there’s one known character of Beyerdynamic products, it’s that they are mostly conventional yet, still attractive.  This is true with the Byron which is mostly black with a few silver highlights. The most notable feature of the Byron is that it is light.  It is therefore easy on the ears and also not a problem to lug around.

One thing is certain with the design of the Byron though, and it is that Beyerdynamic puts more premium on the quality of the Byron over other design elements.  The product shows this and when you hold and feel the materials, you’ll know that this set of earphones will last long.

The Byron earphones have aluminum housing, a design choice that contributes to its high quality.  The earbuds are not that different from most in-ear headphones as Beyerdynamic went for the almost standard round design for the earbuds.  Out of the box, the Byron comes with three different sizes of silicone ear-tips. Including the one already on the earphones, this makes it four different sizes of ear-tips to choose from. There should therefore be a size that should fit every user.

Beyerdynamic Byron Wired

One of the first things I look at when choosing a set of earphones is the cable.  I want it tangle free and I want it to be sturdy.  The Byron, thankfully, has a high-quality cable.  It looks sturdy, it feels sturdy.  It also doesn’t tangle easily and it feels protected at the points where cables are usually weak – near the jack or near the earbuds.

The cable on the Beyerdynamic Byron is equipped with an in-line microphone which can be used to take calls and a remote for changing volume.  The Byron is Android-compatible so all features of the microphone and remote will work on Android phones and tablets.  For iOS devices though, features like the volume control will not work.  For music playback, however, these earphones will work on any device without problems.

Audio Performance

The first time you put on the Beyerdynamic Byron, you will immediately notice that this set of earphones deliver excellent audio performance, which is surprising to say the least since something this affordable is not supposed to produce exceptional audio output.  But it does, and it does it consistently.

The Byron has a closed back design with frequency response ranging from 10- 23,000 Hz.  It uses neodymium audio drivers in each ear.  The Byron delivers a balanced sound signature, not specifically leaning towards any particular frequency but instead puts out something not necessarily warm, but certainly pleasing to the ears.  Personally, I like this kind of output, instead of those earphones which favor bass for instance.


In case you mistake the Byron for being weak on bass, this is certainly not the case.  The Byron is strong and punchy when needed.  For instance, songs like Post Malone’s Congratulations or Kendrick Lamar’s Humble are a treat to listen to on the Byron.  I tried the track Feel the Bass by DJ Magic Mike just to test the bass response and I was satisfied with how the Byron handled the track.  The bass is punchy and creamy, without necessarily losing the details.

The Byron is versatile and this is further testament to its balanced sound.  I tested the Byron on rock tracks like Jet’s Are You Gonna Be My Girl, The Strokes’ Last Night and White Stripes’ Seven Nation Army and these earphones still delivered.  On tracks like these, you will notice the strong mid-range frequencies, resulting in a highly detailed playback experience.  While other earphones have apparent limits, topping out and breaking on certain frequencies, I did not have any such experience with the Byron.


The Beyerdynamic Byron is a consistent performer and I like it a lot. It crunches out a balanced sound which is not easy to achieve, and certainly not on earphones this affordable. The Byron is one that does not favor any one sound, yet on almost any type of music, it delivers great audio performance.  This is certainly a good thing and for this reason alone, the Byron should be on top of your list when looking for a wired set of in-ear headphones.  The understated design and high-quality materials are just bonus.


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