Samsung Galaxy S5 Launches in April, Will Likely Feature an Eye Scanner

The Samsung Galaxy S4 was a success, but not on a level the Korean phone maker hoped.  To a certain degree it was something of a letdown, if only because it was so much like the Galaxy S3, and probably people wanted to see something fresh, something new.  You have to admit that Samsung’s design elements have been milked so much and applied on a wide array of products there is no longer a distinction as to which ones are premium and which ones are mid-range and low-range.

With this in mind, Samsung announced that in the upcoming Galaxy S5, the company will go back to basics.  This was the statement made by Samsung executive Lee Young Hee as quoted by Bloomberg. The Galaxy S5 has been rumored to feature an eye-scanner, and Samsung has admitted that this is indeed a possibility.   Along with the Galaxy S5, Samsung will also unveil an updated version of the Galaxy Gear smartwatch with “more advanced functions”.  The design will also be improved as the upcoming device will be thinner and lighter than the current Galaxy Gear.

Samsung Galaxy S5 Concept

Samsung also revealed that the Galaxy S5 will be announced in March or April after the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

Nothing has been said about the design, except that it will center mostly on the display and the feel of the cover.  Rumors have been swirling that Samsung is going to use aluminum materials on the Galaxy S5, leaving behind the plastic enclosure that has been used in previous iterations.

There are many artist renders and concept ideas of the Galaxy S5 but the one from Ivo Maric is quite believable, not to mention attractive.  The design is shown above and another image can be seen below.

The upcoming Samsung Galaxy S5 may feature a curved display, as seen in this artist render

What do you think of this concept design? Will it be closer to the final design of the Samsung Galaxy S5?


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