Samsung Galaxy S5 to Feature a Fingerprint Scanner, 16MP Camera

SamMobile has recently unveiled features of the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S5.   SamMobile is a reliable source when it comes to things Samsung so the details it revealed about the Galaxy S5 could be real.  Among the rumored features of the Galaxy S5 include a fingerprint scanner and a 16MP main camera.

The fingerprint scanner is similar to the iPhone 5s in that it is also located on the physical home button.   Here’s SamMobile explained how the fingerprint scanner is implemented:

The sensor itself works in a swipe manner, which means that you would need to swipe the entire pad of your finger, from base to tip, across the home key to register your fingerprint properly. Also, you would need to keep your finger flat against the home key and swipe at a moderate speed or else it won’t recognise your fingerprint. The fingerprint sensor is sensitive to moisture, as well. So, don’t try to use it with wet fingers because it will, literally, give you an error and tell you to dry your fingers first.

The source also says that fingerprint scanning can be used throughout the operating system, so expect the Galaxy S5 to have functions that the iPhone 5s don’t have.  Interestingly, a total of 8 fingerprints can be registered and each one can be assigned a different task or use it as an app shortcut.  This is quite clever and the user only has to remember which finger is assigned to which app in order to quickly launch them.

An artist render of the Samsung Galaxy S5

As to the camera, the Samsung Galaxy S5 will allegedly have a 16MP rear camera with new software features.  The main camera can shoot 4K UHD video at 30FPS and 1080p FHD video at 60FPS.  The Galaxy S5 will also have a dedicated shutter button on the side but it will be a sensor instead of a physical button.  This feature will be called Side Touch.

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