Samsung Galaxy S5 Has the Best Display According to DisplayMate

Among the current crop of smartphones, the Samsung Galaxy S5 has the best display.  This is according to the study conducted by DisplayMate.  Not only is the Galaxy S5’s display the better than previous versions, it’s the best display ever used by DisplayMate.

The Galaxy S5 reportedly has the most accurate display ever tested on a smartphone or tablet when in Cinema mode.  The Galaxy S5 is also said to be 22 percent brighter than the Galaxy S4 and 12 percent brighter than the Galaxy Note 3.  Simply put, the conclusion is that the Galaxy S5 has the best display on a Samsung mobile device.  Samsung’s super dimming mode has been acknowledged and according to tests conducted, the S5 is 27 percent more efficient than the one found on the S4.


The HTC One has been generally regarded as having a great display and it turns out that the Galaxy S5 now has the best display.  Ultimately, this boils down to personal choice.  I particularly like the display on the iPhone and the HTC One.  The LG G2 also has a good display but the Galaxy S5 seems to have bested all these devices.

How about you? Which mobile device do you think has the best display?

Source: DisplayMate