Robert Downey Jr. Promotes the HTC One (M8)

Robert Downey Jr. has been the spokesperson for HTC for about a year now.  I remember he was tapped by HTC to ignite the brand and he first appeared in an HTC-made video about the same time the HTC One Max was released. Now his duties as HTC spokesperson continue with the promotion of the HTC One (M8).


Robert Downey Jr., or Mr. Iron Man to most of us, raves about the HTC One (M8) saying that it’s better than the previous HTC One.  His introduction is quite funny and I recommend that you watch the short video from start to finish.  Of course, he urges you to get the HTC One (M8) towards the end but he has reason to.

Here’s the HTC One (M8) video featuring Robert Downey Jr.