Nokia X Unboxed

The Nokia X is yet to be officially released but someone in Vietnam already did an unboxing of the Android-running phone.  The Nokia X was covered in an extensive photo session and shows it in all angles.  As far as UI design goes, the Nokia X is a mix of Windows Phone, Android and Asha.  In case you don’t know, the Nokia X is based on Android but it’s not the pure version.  It’s forked Android, which means that Nokia used Android OS but applied heavy customization.

From the photos, we get a glimpse of the Nokia X’s UI and some apps made available by Nokia.

Below are the unboxing photos of the Nokia X.

Nokia_X_app_store Nokia_X_apps Nokia_X_back Nokia_X_Back_Cover Nokia_X_camera Nokia_X_notifications Nokia_X_side Nokia_X_UI Nokia_X_unboxed

Hit the source link if you want to see more photos of the Nokia X.  The website is in Vietnamese, though, so you may have to do some translating.