Nokia Phones and Tablets May Soon Have Active Bezels

Nokia phones and tablets may soon feature active bezels.  The bezel is the area surrounding the display of a touchscreen device.  Bezels on smartphones and tablets become thinner and thinner after every iteration but there is always a part reserved for the bezel.


In current devices, the bezel is not sensitive to touch but this may soon change.  Nokia’s idea is to make the bezel active to touch, making the entire front surface of Lumias or other Nokia devices sensitive to touch. This will have an impact on how devices operate but the question is the problem of accidental touches.  Nokia has apparently solved this issue, hence the patent application.

Part of the patent filing has the following description:

“A force component of the touch input may be detected and compared to a predetermined force threshold. In cases in which the force component of the touch input exceeds the predetermined force threshold, user interaction with the content at that location may be enabled. In this way, the force exerted by the user in applying a touch input in the bezel area may be considered an indication of the user’s intent to interact with corresponding content within the bezel, and such interactions may be provided for accordingly.”

This means that the sensitivity of the bezels will depend on the force used in every touch.   If this feature becomes successfully implemented, other manufacturers may use the same technology in their device.