Nokia 3310 Updated, Adds 3G Connection

Nokia 3310 3G

For Nokia fans, the re-release of the Nokia 3310 this year by UMD Global was good news.  It was a chance to once again experience the phone that has practically put Nokia on the map and made it a phone giant. The 3310 refresh was mostly similar to the original but featured a few welcome changes.  For current phone users, however, the 3310 refresh lacked something important – online connectivity.  That has been solved with the announcement of the Nokia 3310 3G.

The Nokia 3310 3G looks like the Nokia 3310 released this year.  On its face, there is nothing new.  What the new phone has is 3G connectivity, and to modern users, millennials especially, internet connectivity is life.  With this update, users can access mobile networks for VoIP apps and social media. Compared to modern phone, however, this will still feel like a limited device on many respects.  But if you’re getting the phone out of nostalgia, then the new updates will at least make the 3310 3G worth-considering.

The Nokia 3310 3G comes with a few pre-installed apps like Facebook and Twitter.  It of course includes a Snake app that was once the go-to mobile game of the previous generation.

Being a basic phone, the Nokia 3310 3G does not have the functionality of a full-featured smartphone.  In fact, it does not even qualify as a smartphone.   It will qualify as a feature phone, maybe, but not a smartphone.  And that’s okay, since the reason for the re-release is to let the new generation experience what made the 3310 popular.  At least the phone has a 2MP rear-facing camera and an option for a dual-SIM configuration.

UMD Global will be launching the Nokia 3310 3G in two new colors: azure and charcoal.  The other colors, yellow and warm red, will still be available.  The Nokia 3310 3G will be available in mid-October with a retail price of €69, or about P4,200 in Philippine peso.


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