Microsoft Intros the Nokia 230

Just when you think the Nokia brand is dead, Microsoft releases a new product carrying the brand it purchased a while back.  With the Lumia phones, Microsoft dropped the Nokia branding so it came as a surprise that the new phone still has the Nokia name on it.  The strategy, perhaps, is to use Microsoft for Windows Phone products and Nokia for feature phones.


Nokia 230

In any case, the new phone introduced by Microsoft is the Nokia 230, a follow-up to last years’ Nokia 130.  The new phone runs Nokia Series 30+ operating system and has physical keyboard for input.  The phone looks premium with its aluminum back cover but the hardware specs are decidedly pedestrian.

The Nokia 230 has a tiny 2.8-inch QVGA (320 x 240) display and supports up to 32GB of external storage via microSD.  The phone has two 2-megapixel cameras, one at the pack and one positioned in front.

In case you need to know, the Nokia 230 supports apps for Facebook, Twitter, Bing Search and Opera Mini Browser.   It also has a dual-SIM variant called Nokia 230 Dual SIM.

The Nokia 230 will be available in Asia in December and I suppose that includes the Philippines.  The phone is priced at $55 or about Php2,500 in Philippine peso.