Nokia 225 and 225 Dual SIM Announced, Priced at About Php2,500

The Nokia 225 has recently been announced by the Microsoft-owned phone maker.  The Nokia 225 a feature phone, not a smartphone, as it runs Series 30+ OS and not Windows Phone.  Continuing the release of Series 30+ phones is an interesting move considering that Windows Phone is a much better OS and runs on budget phones as well.


The Nokia 225 runs Series 30+ OS.

The Nokia 225 packs a 2.8-inch display, making it the biggest non-touchscreen phone from Nokia.  The display has QVGA resolution so it’s really nothing to rave about.  However, if you’re used to holding thick Nokia phones, the Nokia 225 is thankfully one of the thinner phones the company has ever released.  The Nokia 225 comes in at 10.4mm thick and weighs only 100g.

Other main features of the Nokia 225 include microSD slot for storage expansion up to 32GB cards, FM radio, 2MP camera with QVGA @ 15fps video capture and Bluetooth 3.0 with SLAM.  For battery life, the Nokia 225 lasts 36 days on standby and offers 21 hours of talk time and up to 49 hours of music playback.

The Nokia 225 will come in Red, Yellow, Green, Black and White.  There’s also a dual-SIM version of the Nokia 225.  The Nokia 225 is priced at €40, or about P2,500 when it arrives in the Philippines.  The Nokia 225 will be available in 3 months.

Here is a video featuring the Nokia 225.


  • Christian Ibarra

    Just bought my nokia 225 dual sim last week from! it may not compete for usability advantage just like every android smartphone today but I’l still prefer to use this since it much easier to handle and has longer batter life 😀