LG G3 Photos Leaked, Rumored Specs Include 1440p Display

The LG G2 has only been in stores for a few months but we now hear, rather read, about its supposed follow-up, the LG G3.   Photos of the LG G3 have surfaced on online and the main culprit as usual is Twitter tipster @evleaks.  Photos of the LG G3 look legit so we can only assume that the new LG Android flagship is indeed launching in the near future.

Here are the leaked photos of what is purported to be the LG G3.



The LG G3 could look like this phone destined for the Japanese market

These photos are of the LG LGL24 isai set to be released in Japan but the device is rumored to be the LG G3.  What’s amazing about the LG G3 is that it is rumored to pack a resolution of 2560 x 1440 pixels.

More recently, The Verge leaked a photo of a retail box for a gold-colored LG G3.  The photo is shown below for your viewing pleasure.


A gold LG G3 could be one of the color iptions

Nothing is official yet.  In fact, the leaked photos may turn out to be a different device altogether.  It’s said that the LG G3 will be launched on May 17 so we won’t have to wait that long to see the actual LG G3.

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