Possible iPhone 6 Panel Leaked

It’s been reported that Apple has acknowledged the popularity of phones with big displays.  Some articles have discussed this matter and many claim that based on internal documents, Apple accepts the fact that it doesn’t have phones that people want.  Bigger phones have proven to be popular as evidenced by sales figures of phablets and even big-display flagship Android phones. Apple’s iPhone currently have 4-inch displays and if you want more screen real estate, your option is to go Android.  Apple’s iPhone sales is hurting in this respect so if there rumors that the upcoming iPhone 6 has a big display, then there is reason to believe that these rumors are true.

The recent proof that Apple may indeed be preparing a big-display iPhone 6 is a leaked photo of a purported front panel of the phone.  Here is a recent photo that shows a big panel, with the familiar hole for the home button.


Leaked photo of the iPhone 6 panel

There are no definite reports as to the size of the display but sources say it could be 4.7 inches.

More leaks like this one could come until the announcement from Apple so we have to brace ourselves for an overload of photos of alleged iPhone 6 parts.  Bear in mind, though, that only Apple can confirm details of the iPhone 6, if that is indeed what Apple will call the next iPhone.

What do you think? Could this leaked photo of the iPhone 6 panel be real?