iPhone X Could be Name of the Next iPhone

An iPhone 8, or iPhone X, render.

We have all been led to believe that the next iPhone will be called the iPhone 8. After all, it’s the next numeric value after 7. But even this reasoning is not that plausible since if we are going to follow the naming scheme used by Apple for its iPhone models, what we should be expecting is the iPhone 7s and the iPhone 7s Plus. In any case, the iPhone 8 name is not the fault of anyone, least of all Apple. After all, nothing has been said by Apple regarding the new iPhone and if anyone is to be faulted for the Apple 8 name, it should be the internet and all articles that say the next iPhone is the iPhone 8.

A report as recently surfaced that the next iPhone could be named the iPhone X, not the iPhone 8. The iPhone renders that we see with bezel-less screen and with vertically aligned rear cameras could be called the iPhone X. It will be silly to dismiss this rumor outright since it could be true. After all, the next iPhone is the 10th anniversary iPhone, and X is 10, but you already know that.

The source of the rumor is a site called iCulture, a Dutch site that features things Apple. The site also previously outed the 10.5-inch iPad Pro name and it could once again be right. The report says that the iPhone X name was announced at an Apple meeting recently but this cannot be corroborated by anyone.
Some sources say Apple could go with iPhone Edition but iPhone X sounds good to me. Apple used the X on the Mac OS X so an iPhone X could not be that impossible to imagine.

In any case, we will all know the name of the next iPhone by September 12, which is the day Apple will announce the new phone, along with some other products. According to reports, iPhone pre-orders will begin on September 15 and deliveries will start on September 22.


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