iPhone 6 Parts Leaked, Reveals Metallic Body and Bigger Display

Sonny Dickson is a reliable source for Apple leaks, most of the time at least.  He was able to get parts for the iPhone 5S, iPhone 5C and the new iPads before anyone else did.  So now that he has posted photos of purported parts for the next iPhone – dubbed iPhone 6 for the sake of convenience – the tech world listens.  Here are the photos of the rumored iPhone 6.

iPhone 6 Photo

Purported photo of iPhone 6 parts


The photos of the iPhone 6 are immediately familiar, and because of this, there might be basis to believe that they are indeed the real deal.  The iPhone 6 parts are close to the Apple design philosophy, enclosed in metallic body and curved on the edges, almost similar to the design of the iPod Touch or the iPad mini.  The parts tell us that the iPhone 6 will be thin and that it will have an almost edge-to-edge display.



Reports say that the phone will be 2.6-inches wide, bigger than the iPhone 5s which is only 2.31-inch wide.  There is no telling from the photos what the display size of the iPhone 6 will be but it is definitely bigger than the iPhone 5S.  This tells us that the iPhone 6 will breach the 4-inch display of the recent iPhones.