HTC One Successor Leaked

HTC is holding an event on March 25 and it is expected to unveil the next flagship Android device, the successor to the widely admired HTC One.  The device has been commonly called the M8, but this is a code more than the actual name.  The new device could be called the HTC One+ or simply the all new HTC One as some sources claim.  Regardless, the HTC One successor is expected to improve on the strengths of the original device.

The HTC One update is rumored to have dual rear cameras, one with the function to assist the main camera and therefore improve the focusing and image quality and also make it possible to implement depth of field effects.

The new HTC one will have a metallic body just like the original.  It will also have on screen buttons instead of the capacitive ones on the original.  Here is a photo of the alleged HTC One successor.

HTC One 2014

The alleged successor to the popular HTC One

The device is in gold but there are also black and white versions of the device according to some sources.