Google’s Project Ara Phone Could Launch Soon

Modular phones are the future.  Ever since Google partnered up with Phonebloks to develop lego-type phones, modular phones suddenly start becoming real, as opposed to being stuck in the conceptualization phase.  Modular phones are simply phones where parts can be removed and upgraded easily as these parts are made separately and merely assembled together with other parts to make one perfect phone.  So for instance, if you want to try different configurations, you can do so.  You can easily pick the camera you like, or the processor that fits your needs.


Google’s modular phone project is called Project Ara.  Just recently, Google released a video introducing the team behind Project Ara and a sneak peek at how far the team is in terms of developing the phone.  Project Ara seems to be going along faster than expected so we might be seeing modular phones soon.  Here is the video from Google featuring the Project Ara team and the developments in the project so far.  The video that follows features the story behind Project Ara.

This video, on the other hand, explains the concept of Phonebloks.