Drop test: Samsung Galaxy S5 versus Samsung Galaxy S4

Samsung’s latest flagship, the Galaxy S5, improves on the Galaxy S4.  Apart from upgrading the internals and adding nifty software updates, Samsung appears to have improved on the toughness of the Galaxy S5.

Samsung Galaxy S5 White

The white version of the Samsung Galaxy S5

A drop test conducted by TechSmartt shows that the Galaxy S5 is indeed tougher and more durable than the Galaxy S4.  If there’s one reason to pick the Galaxy S5 over the Galaxy S4, it’s the fact that the new version is better built than the predecessor.

Watch the Galaxy S5 versus the Galaxy S4 drop test below.


  • Ferdinand Angeles

    Thanks for breaking those gorgeous phones so that I don’t have to break mine hahaha! Seriously, your video is very helpful especially to people who cannot resist texting and calling while walking on the streets.