Cherry Mobile Titan Pro Unveiled, Packs a G Pen

Cherry Mobile wants to put the heat on Samsung’s Galaxy Note devices with the announcement of the Titan Pro, a 5-inch device that packs a stylus which it calls the Gesture Pen or the G Pen.  It remains to be seen whether this pen will have useful features like Samsung’s S Pen.

The Cherry Mobile Titan Pro is not a slouch when it comes to specs.  Based on what has been revealed by the company so far, the device will rock a 5-inch HD display (1280×720), 12MP rear camera and a quad-core chipset.

Cherry Mobile Titan Pro
Cherry Mobile names its new 5-inch phone the Titan Pro

If you are looking for more details on the Titan Pro, you will not find much at this point as the device is yet to be officially launched.  Cherry Mobile has scheduled the launch for February 4 so we don’t have to wait that long to learn more about the Titan Pro, specifically its specs and pricing.


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