Apple Accidentally Leaks the iPhone 6C

Apple recently posted a photo of a familiar-looking phone on its website. The phone looks like the iPhone 5c but it eerily has a touch ID, which means the phone is a new animal altogether and is probably the long-rumored iPhone 6C.

This could be the iPhone 6C

This could be the iPhone 6C

The photo was intended to be a promotion for an Apple dock but the device connected to it is the above-described iPhone 6C.   The accidental leak is uncharacteristic of Apple and one could argue that the phone could be nothing more than a concept, after all, nothing is certain until Apple officially launches such a phone in the future. But at this point, it is not impossible for Apple to make an iPhone 6C considering how it released the iPhone 5C when the iPhone 5S launched.

In any case, an iPhone 6C could be a cheaper version of the iPhone 6 and could also sport a plastic exterior just like the iPhone 5C. The size of the iPhone 6C is still unknown at this point but it could follow the dimensions of the iPhone 6.



  • eric

    One of these days I’ll buy my own I phone. Am really excited in this new upcoming phone. Ill surely find ways to buy one of this 🙂