Apple’s 8GB iPhone 5c is Official, May Hit Philippine Stores Soon

The rumor turned out to be true.  Apple has just unveiled an 8GB variant of the iPhone 5c.  This move is expected to boost the sales of the colored iPhone as reports say that the global sales of the handset is disappointing by Apple’s standards.

The 8GB iPhone 5c is now available for purchase on Apple’s European online stores.  There is no word when this variant will hit the Philippines.  The pricing for the 8GB iPhone 5c is at £429 unlocked, or cheaper by £40 compared to the 16GB model.


iPhone 5C

In the Philippines the 16GB iPhone 5c is priced at Php30,990 so the 8GB variant will probably be priced at around Php27,000 or Php28,000.  This makes the iPhone 5c a bit affordable to consumers, although at this capacity, users would definitely complain of limited storage.  Apps, photos and songs take too much memory space so 8GB will definitely be insufficient.  But for those willing to go beyond this limitation, then the 8GB iPhone 5c is still a good smartphone choice.

Apart from the different storage, nothing else has changed with the 8GB iPhone 5c. Will you be buying the iPhone 5c now that there will be a cheaper variant? Sound off in the comment section.

Via: 9to5mac