Amazon’s 3D Phone Leaked

Amazon is apparently working on a smartphone.  Rumors of an Amazon phone have circulated in the past but they all turned out to be nothing.  This time around, the rumor, leaked by BGR, appears to have some truth to it.  After all, the photo that comes with the leaked specs and features of Amazon’s first ever smartphone look believable.


According to BGR, this is Amazon’s first phone.

According to sources cited by BGR, Amazon’s phone will have not-so-stellar specs, at least when you compare them to what flagship phones other manufacturers have.  The Amazon phone will pack a 4.7-inch 720p display and run on a Qualcomm Snapdragon processor paired with 2GB of RAM.   The OS will be based on Android but will be heavily customized, just like the FireOS that runs on Amazon Fire tablets.

The most interesting feature of Amazon’s phone is the 3D feature.  It does not use a special display, nor glasses even.  It makes use of cameras on the corners of the display that tracks the user’s movements.  All in all, the Amazon phone will have a total of six cameras.  There’s a 13MP rear camera, a front-facing shooter and four extra cameras positioned in the corners.  These cameras are utilized to bring 3D effect together with sensors.

So far, the Amazon phone looks interesting but we should reserve any judgment until we see the final specs, and of course, the device itself.