Apple to Sell Cheaper 8GB iPhone 5c

Reports say that Apple’s iPhone 5c is not as hot-selling as the iPhone 5s.  There are different theories as to why this is the case but the most common one being passed around is the fact that iPhone owners do not really want a colorful plastic iPhone since they use cases anyway.

Apple is expected to do something to spark the anemic sale of the iPhone 5c by offering a cheaper version, namely, one that has ony 8GB of storage.  Personally I think this is a good strategy as it will make the iPhone 5c much cheaper than its current price.  And with lots of smartphone owners interested in a cheaper iPhone, this latest strategy by Apple should be effective in hiking sales of the iPhone 5c.

A leaked document points to an unveiling of an 8GB iPhone 5c today, March 18.  The leaked document point to an iPhone 5c that will be cheaper by about Php3,700 than the current 16GB iPhone 5c.

The question now is, how cheap will the 8GB iPhone 5c really be?  And how would its retail price be in the Philippines?