Waze Says Manila has the Worst Traffic in the World

Waze, the popular navigation app, has released a survey citing Metro Manila as having the worst traffic condition in the world.  The Philippines is popular for a lot of things but being labelled as the worst in terms of traffic condition is bad for our reputation.  We are already up there in the list of worst airports and the recent Waze survey, if true, will not help us any.  But for motorists in Metro Manila, this news is not surprising.


Waze’s “Global Driver Satisfaction Index” is culled from answers coming from 50 million Waze users in 32 countries and 167 major cities.  The factors used in the index are as follows:

  • Traffic level by frequency and gravity of traffic jams
  • Road quality and infrastructure
  • Driver safety (based on accidents, road hazards and weather)
  • Driver services (access to gas stations and ease of parking)
  • Socio-economic factor (according to World Bank, and includes access to cars and impact of gas prices)
  • “Wazeyness” (or how helpful and happy the users are within the Waze community)

Waze claims that on a city level, Manila has the worst traffic, followed by Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo and Jakarta.  Countrywide, it’s Indonesia that has the worst traffic.  The Netherlands has the best traffic according to Waze.